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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything? You can now gift a membership to Experimental Brews for a friend, family member, colleague or anyone else you have in mind.

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Each month they'll get something differentUnique

Each month a new experimental brew will be made available through the club. Members will receive 6 equal cans of monthly brew to review.

Shipping info

As a member of the Experimental Brews club, they will receive a parcel with an experimental brew from Carlsberg Research Laboratory once a month.

They will receive an email in advance, informing them when the drop will happen. They can track their parcel the same day as it's shipped. The shipment is arranged for their home address and will be delivered with DAO.

In most cases, we will aim towards shipping at the end of each month.

ExBrew gift beer six-pack

We let our brewmasters And scientists try all of their crazyAmazing ideas

When we say exclusive brews, we really mean it. We make one lab scale batch of the brew and the cans will only be made available to brew club members.

These brews might have been fermented multiple times, made with exotic hops that are too expensive for commercial products; kept in rare barrels for months.

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