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Experimental Brews is an innovation tool from the Carlsberg Research Laboratory, and we aim to share our latest experiments within brewing through a subscription-based club. As a club member, you will have the opportunity to taste our experiments and to provide real feedback. For us, it is of high value to hear your opinion.

Join our community of brew tasters

Every month our brewmasters and scientists ship out a batch of a new exciting experimental brew.

As a member it's your job to share your opinion on the brews with us.

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Get the brews

For 150 DKK/month you get a six-pack of the experimental brew of the month delivered to your door.


Enjoy the brews we delivered to you. Drink them alone or share them with friends!


Tell us what you think

Scan the QR code on the can and contribute to science providing us with your honest feedback

We let our brewmasters And scientists try all of their crazyAmazing ideas

When we say exclusive brews, we really mean it. We make one lab scale batch of the brew and the cans will only be made available to brew club members.

These brews might have been fermented multiple times, made with exotic hops that are too expensive for commercial products; kept in rare barrels for months.

Next experimental brew
ready for shipping in 22 days

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Pushing the boundaries of brewing with a pioneering spirit

Our desire to discover and experiment is in our DNA. For more than 150 years, we’ve been inventing new ways to brew, to create new tastes and new textures.

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