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The Experiments


The research laboratory

Over the years, the Carlsberg Research Laboratory has delivered ground-breaking research results and serves as a model for modern brewing, other knowledge-intense industry and science generally.

It was in the laboratory on Valby Hill that pure yeast was first cultured and the pH scale invented. More recently, researchers have developed the null-LOX barley sort, which gives beer greatly increased freshness and an improved, more stable head.

Today, the Carlsberg Research Laboratory works to develop new possibilities within brewing and biotechnology.

The mission

Ever since the Laboratory was established, the purpose of its research has been crystal-clear, namely to develop beer of the highest possible quality and provide a model for brewing in Denmark and the rest of the world.

The research is focused on four areas:

Raw materials

Research into raw materials for brewing, chiefly aimed at improving barley sorts and hops.

Yeast and fermentation

Research into microorganisms relevant to brewing, chiefly aimed at improving yeast strains.


Research into new ingredients and natural substances, and their use in barley-based and other beverages.

Brewing technology

Research focused on improving brewing processes, including enzyme usage, product quality, measuring and monitoring methods, and materials for bottles and packaging.

The brewmasters and scientists

Discover, improve and enlighten are keywords at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory. We have some of the best and brightest scientist and brew masters working together to continuously improve and challenge status quo of brewed liquids. Our fundamental research.

​Our scientist and brew masters are the key people behind Experimental Brews – it’s their creativity and their experiments that you as a member will get to be a part of through the brew club.

​Below are a few people involved in the first experimental brew from the Carlsberg Research Laboratory – if you are a member, you will get to know a bit more about them, once you have given them your feedback.


Dimitrios comes from Greece and holds a MSc in Brewing Science and Technology, he is a qualified Brewer engineer and he has been with Carlsberg for more than 6 years.

He enjoys creatively translating his passion for brewing into innovative brews focusing on sustainability and diversification.


Erik has been with Carlsberg for more than 27 years, close to 20 of those years, Erik has been working at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

Erik is one of the Master brewers that you can find in the hallways of the Laboratory. He is passionate about quality and work on ways to perfectionate the art of brewing.

When Erik is not brewing at the laboratory, he takes care of his garden – growing giant pumpkins is another specialty of his.


Helena holds a degree in Chemical and Biotechnical engineering from DTU and uses her skills at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory to create new and exciting brews, both from a technical and flavour point of view.

Helena created the EXP 001 brew, in an effort to “reset” her internal hop-meter and create something entirely different, without relying on heavy hops, boldly going where no brewer has gone before…

'IwlIj jachjaj.


Zoran comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina and holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. He has been with Carlsberg for more than 11 years, where he has been an enabler of converting science and technology into business activities.

When Zoran is not to be found at the laboratory, he will likely be out on the hunt for new exciting ingredients for the next experimental brew. Stay tuned!


Christina comes from Greece and moved to Denmark to pursue her passion for brewing. After completing her Master’s in Brewing Science and Technology she joined Carlsberg Research Laboratory and has been working with the New Ingredients team since May 2022.

She likes to nerd around the science behind beer and explores the flavors and aromas of unique ingredients in brews. She is happy that some of her ideas have reached the bottle.

When she is not working, she enjoys the company of good friends and punching the boxing sack.

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